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I've been consuming a LOT of Nutella these past few weeks. So you can imagine my delight when I read something like this:

"Nutella is a delicious hazelnut-cocoa spread. It is not the healthiest thing in the world – it is pretty high in calories. But it’s more hazelnut than it is chocolate and the fat in hazelnuts is considered to be good for us – and it’s helpful in assisting our bodies in absorbing other nutrients!"

I know, this is the most inane post ever. But I'm studying Forensic Medicine. It's either thinking about Nutella, or studying the process of decomposition. Ick.

Something that amused me.

At the Fringe, lots and lots of lovely (and not so lovely, but mostly lovely) people hand you flyers at all times of day and night. I found one such flyer to be so amusing that I must reproduce it for you here. It was for a show called 'A Perhaps Too Intimate Evening of Music and Hilarity with The Young Dads'. We ended up not having time to go and watch them, but their flyer amused me quite enough.

The front of the flyer has the usual picture of the act and the title and details.
The back of the flyer had this lovely and highly amusing text:

You are probably asking yourself, 'How do I know if a THE YOUNG DADS show is right for me?'

Perhaps this checklist will help you.

Do you enjoy guffawing?
What about tittering?
Do you enjoy laughing so hard as to induce a perhaps fatal loss of muscle control?
How about just normal laughing?
Great then.
Do you enjoy songs that are beautiful yet hilarious?
Do you want two pale skinny men, in the name of 'avant-garde choreography', to show you their nipples?
Hang on, we have to go rewrite some of the script.

Now add up your checkmarks.

If the result is a number, you should come see THE YOUNG DADS tonight. If the result is a mysterious runic symbol, you should not come see THE YOUNG DADS, because you are a VIKING, and we are afraid of you.

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While in Edinburgh, I was walking down the Royal Mile when I saw this lovely girl holding up a 'FREE HUGS' sign. We had this slow motion meeting-of-the-eyes moment and I walked up to her and we hugged! The elated feeling that that gave me stayed with me for ages, and even thinking about it now, it still makes me glow inside.

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No TILT this week because of endless rehearsals and lectures and to-ing and fro-ing.

Please come and watch me in All in the Timing at university this Saturday and Sunday! Hilarious one-act comedies (facebook event!) which include lots of delicious puns and literary references. Only 8 Euros - 6 if you're a student!



  • sorting out lots of Insiter stuff
  • ANTM starting again! (I need a life)
  • finishing The Bell Jar
  • watching loads of films with Mark, including Schindler's List, Becoming Jane, Brideshead Revisited, etc.
  •  sharing ideas
  • lots of rehearsals
  • snuggles!
  • Dropbox
  • the weather
  • looking at photos from our 2-week UK holiday (I still need to upload some, damn it!)
  • being all emotional and grateful about life and love and friendship and general happiness <3


I missed three TILTs because of being abroad etc.
  • London, Oxford, York and most of Scotland with Mark <3 
  • Loveplay at St James. Terrific theatre.
  • Going to Flavours for my parents' anniversary.
  • Mini-European Assembly get-together at Mamma Mia.
  • Being on The Insiter's Editorial Board.
  • Making cupcakes with Annelise for a friend's birthday.
  • This friend's birthday - laughter with Mark, Annelise, and the rest of the lovely people.
  • Rehearsals for All in the Timing (a series of sketches which will be presented at Uni in mid-Oct - come watch!!)
  • Auditioning for the One-Acts and getting into Justin's play (I'm Daphne from Frasier. Accent and all. Why??? Must practise so hard.)
  • Coming up with ideas.
  • Meeting new, genuinely lovely people :)

LJ wouldn't let me update yesterday, so a late TILT it is!

  • Mark!
  • Annelise!
  • Myrna!
  • Cupcakes!
  • Mark being back from London
  • Insite meeting
  • Baking with Annelise and Steph (Mark's sister)
  • Watching movies
  • Reading books
  • Looking forward to going to the UK next week
  • Wine and nibbles
  • Doing random exciting things
  • Being on stage
  • Valletta waterfront
  • Theatre people
  • Music in Annie's car
  • Beerfest

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“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

- Charles M. Schulz
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What do you think about this layout? I kind of like it. Nothing intricate, and makes me think of candy.

I picked up Lolita again lately to re-read and continue reading bits I haven't read from it yet. However, I don't really feel in the mood for it. So I've opted for Ben Elton's Blind Faith. Strange, and very Ben Elton.


Mark is in London till next Wednesday so I'm a bit bored without him (and missing him too), but everything's ok apart from that. Annelise and I made cupcakes yesterday (and a rainbow cake - yum!), so I have lots of sugary goodness to munch on. I so so so cannot wait for the 12th when I'll be going to the UK with Mark and my parents.

12th-14th - London
14th-16th - Oxford
16th-17th - York
17th-18th - Glasgow
18th-22nd - Nairn (next to Inverness)
22nd-25th - some place outside Edinburgh

It'll just be Mark and me from the 12th till the 17th, and then my parents will join us and they'll drive us around everywhere YAY :D I love road trips in Scotland, and I reaaally can't wait to share my love for them with Mark!

I auditioned for a one-act festival type thing which will take place at Uni in October, and I got chosen yay! And I'll be in three sketches; they are hilarious.

This is such an adorable dress. I want it so SO badly.

A guy who took his wife's last name.

When my hair grows long again (unless I cut it again), I want to do this so badly.

Really true.


I want this outfit.

I love luxuries in life.

ps. I tried the 'Detect' thing and it said: Malta, Mosta. Pff. I actually live on the OTHER side of Attard, so it would have made more sense if it said Rabat or Ta' Qali or something. Oh well.